Saturday, May 16, 2015

Where Flowers Bloom

Hello Everyone, it's Deena here with you today.

My tutorial this month is all about how I created a mixed media artist board.
When I started out with mixed media I used stretch canvas and I still do use them but I have found that I am much happier with a artist board. An artist board instead of being  stretch canvas on a frame it is a timber frame with a timber top. The reason I like these more than the canvas is because they are solid so when you press down with a stamp or use a stencil you have a solid base to work with, they don't sink like the canvas.

1. Before you start with your mixed media products, you need to prep your board. On my board I coated it with a layer of gesso and once that was dry I then coated it with a layer of gloss gel medium. This is to seal the timber and also to give a neutral back ground to begin on.

2. To create the background i first torn pieces of printed tissue paper and cover all the surface. To adhere the tissue paper to the gessoed timber I used gloss gel medium, this I did with my fingers so that I would not have brush strokes.

3. When completely dry I scrapped a very thin layer of gesso over the top. 

4. With my texture paste and stencil in hand I created more dimension to the background

5. To create the circles I used a stamp and ink, and as I didn't want them too bright I gentle rub some gesso over the top.

6. Next came colour. I added paint, ink and sprays to my background. My hands were green for a couple of days after doing this. 

7. After sitting back and looking at my background I decided it was too green so with my bleached titanium paint and bubble wrap I proceed to cover some of it up.

8. Each individual letter is cut with my big shot and sizzix alphabet die. 

9. To get my flowers in the right spot I first used blue tac to keep them in place and that way they were movable until I was happy. To make sure that my flowers went back in the same spot I lightly drew around parts of the flower so they lined back up again.

10. While the blue tac was still in place I drew my stems. I then removed the flowers and coloured the stems in.

11. To protect the surface I sprayed it with a matt spray.

12. I glued down my flowers.

13. I played with the placing of my words and once I had decided the general area they were going in I then glued them down. To make sure that they were going to be in a straight line I made a light grey lead mark on either side of the word and then stuck painters tape to my surface and then glued the words in place. Once the letters were in place I removed my painters tape.

14. The finishing touches were to go around the outside edge of my artist board with a dark green ink and to highlight the letters with my white pen.

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