Monday, May 18, 2015

Using Digital Packaging

Using Digital Packaging
Hello, it's Wendy here again.
I've seen tutorials on how to use packaging on traditional layouts so I thought I would show you how you can use the same principle on your digi layouts. You might think there is no packaging because digital products are downloaded straight to your computer. In a way this is correct but many digital products have a "preview" page. The preview page is the digital equivalent of the pictures you see on traditional scrapbooking packaging.
I used a preview page to create the glittery strips on my DT layout for this month.

The horizontal strips behind the photo would normally take a lot of time to do - finding co-ordinating papers, cutting each strip, and grouping or flattening them together. However, I produced my strips with one digital custom cut. This is the preview page I used:

You can produce your cut-out in the time it would normally take you to find all the papers you need. Also, the entire cut-out only takes slightly longer than cutting one single strip.
This is a page capture of how easy it was to do the cut-out. I've used the Panstoria Artisan programme, but all digital programmes allow you to custom cut paper. I used a continuous, straight line to cut this shape and it only took a minute.
Once I did the cut-out, I rotated it horizontally to suit my layout. I also added a shadow to give some dimension.
As well as being able to use the preview pages/packaging to make custom cut-outs, you can "fill" any existing shape with a preview page. I used this preview page:
to produce this butterfly:

With this example, instead of using the "Custom Cut" tool, I used a pre designed shape and used the "Fill" tool to fill it with the preview page.

I hope I've given you a couple of tips on how to use your "packaging" to expand your digital artwork supplies.

Thanks for looking and see you again soon.