Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Art Journal with Brenda

Hello crafty friends and as always a big welcome to Off The Rails. After having two months off selling our farm, buying a home and moving I'm back at the craft desk and into everything I love. I was looking forward to getting my craft on with this months challenge and then my tutorial. I may have been moving but my mind was running with what I would do this month for each thing. 

I would like to share with you my Art Journal double page I created of my son Riley. 
It has been created in my Art Journal which has hand made paper so that is why you are seeing some white around the edge from the page before and after. I love creating in this art journal because of the texture of the paper. When doing it with one of these journals though always remember to Gesso the pages so there is no bleeding through to the other side or you will ruin other work created on the page before or the next page you will create on. 

This is my finished work followed by how I created it which is quite simple to do. 

To start my page I have used a black Gesso and give the whole page a real good coating. You can wait for it to dry or give it a quick hit with the heat gun.

While waiting for my Black Gesso to dry I chose my photo (black and white to go with the background) and the shape I wanted to use.  I chose circles and punched them out but you can choose what ever shape you like. I had in mind a bit of an out of space look so that's why I chose them.

I placed them on the journal where I wanted them and then glued them down. If you choose your shapes before you start you can glue them down and the cover the whole page with the Gesso.
Because I was deciding what I wanted to do I did the background Gesso first and then once the circles were glued I then did the Gesso on them.

Once this is done and then dry it is time to add the colour. I used Ranger Perfect Pearls - Forever Violet, Turquoise and Confetti White. You can use as many colours as you like as there is a great range. If you are unsure of how it would look then do a sample first.
You will now need a spray water bottle, Perfect Pearls and a heat gun.

1. Wet your page with spray water
2. Using a dry brush with a little Perfect Pearls on it, tap the brush and let it fall to the pages. Do with all your colours of chose.
3. Re-spray with water. Do not spray too close and the more water you sure the more the Perfect Pearls will run.
$. Dry with your heat gun.

 As you can see by the photos, being on hand made paper the texture to the background is great. It is now time to place your photo. I chose to fussy cut Riley out so the photo was in keeping with the background and I think it makes it a little more dominant on the page.

 One he photo was glued on I then got a white marker pen and Kaisercraft Gel Pens. I first went around each of the circles, then did some stitchching on the edge of the circles.

Once this was done I did journaling around each circle about Riley.

With all this done my journal pages were finished. Simple but nice. I hope you have enjoyed having a look at how I created them. Please keep scrolling to see other creations and techniques by the rest of the Design Team and also have a look at this months challenge and join in with us.
Happy Crafting - Brenda xxx

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October Mid Month DT Reveal to Inspire you

We are loving your entries so far and can't wait to see more of your creations!

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Here are our amazing monthly sponsors:

Here is the DT to help inspire you ... using the October Mood board......


Tanya F

Be sure to play along with us, link and share with us so we can view and comment on your project.
Thanks for visiting today.. and see you again soon.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Shabby Card with JaeHee

Hi JaeHee came with a tutorial of my work today.

October's shabby card~*

Will we come together in the story?
Make a book cover using thick paper.
Prepare a background of white and gray.

Lay out and paste the background and place the race.

Crack paint on the race. 

Let the cracks on the race dry over time.


Prepare the flower shape die cut and color it.
Choose colors with your favorite coloring tools.

Prepare a straw and a button to catch the shape.

Painting jetso over buttons and straws.


Apply pink color acrylic paint.

Prepare flowers and die cut leaves and paste the card to complete!

My  card is complete.

What about cards with gray and pink? 

Thanks for watching my work.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Morning everyone and welcome to my
October Tutorial 

Today I have a tutorial for you on how to make  foamiran flowers, similar to the ones on my layout for the 
October OFF THE RAILS Mood Board.

Gather your supplies, you will need-
a sheet of white foamiran, flower dies, inks to colour, stamens, piece of thin wire, barbeque stick, iron or heat gun, pokey tool, hot glue gun, foam pad, ball tool.

Step 2
Cut out an assorted selection of flowers with your die
Step 3
Ink your flowers including one for the leaves
Step 4
Using an iron or heat gun tool, take the wooden stick and heat up the flower on medium heat, no steam, for a few seconds
Step 5

When warm, roll flowers between your fingers
Step 6
Roll and pinch as you go
Step 7
When cool, unwrap and roll out the flowers on the foam with your ball tool and stretch gently with your fingers
Step 8
Step 9
Now take a few stamens, fold in half, attach wire
Step 10
Start to thread the flower head onto the wire, this is where you need your pokey tool if your flowers do not have the holes in them 
Step 11
Add small dabs of glue between the layers
Step 12
Cut off the excess string from the stamens, and there you have one pretty flower.

More foamiran flowers I made

Many thanks for visiting today, I hope you followed along.
Bye for now

Monday, October 9, 2017

Mixed Media Tag with Video with Lisa-Marie

Hi fellow artists and fans of off The Rails Scrapbooking!
Lisa-Marie here!  I'm so very, very excited to be on this amazing team and I'm very grateful for this opportunity!  I am EVEN MORE excited to be able to share with you today, my very first tutorial for a Mixed Media Tag I designed and made especially for Off The Rails Scrapbooking!
I'm an absolute sucker for texture and dimension (and making a messy mess!), as can plainly be seen with this tag.  I've included some of the 'after' photo's further down in this blog post, just for the sake of showing you some better 'close-up' shots. I do hope that I can inspire you with this tag!
Here is my video tutorial:


And here are some close up images:

Happy creating!
Yours in arts & craft,