Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A peek in Lizzy's craft space

Yup! I know I LOVE taking a peek at other peep's craft areas...& there are ALWAYS ideas that we can pick up from each other, right? So here's a bit of both of these for you today:)
 I keep my 6x6 pads in a little box...inside a cut down plastic sleeve. Then even the 1/2 pages can be stored neatly without them falling out when I pull up a pad to use!

 I have a wee table near the door to 'show off' some of my work - or to place stuff I like to look at. No point in doing it if you can't enjoy it, right? It's also a storage spot for stuff that needs to be taken with me when I leave the room...just finished that page for a challenge & it needed to be loaded onto my computer! Ooops! That candle needs putting away...never said I was TIDY!!!

 Yeah, I know, I know---such a BASIC thing to do - a colour chart for your inks....& I kept 'meaning to do it'...finally did....pegged above my work space, so I USE it!!!

 To me, scrapping is about COMMUNITY, so when I get given scrummy stuff, I like to make sure I know where it comes from...also if I buy it...flair is hard to write on, but an ink marker works & I know where ALL my flair originates this way!!!!

 As for Flair storage....a couple of ways...above - magnetic strips from those dollar stores...I WILL make this 'pretty' at some stage, but I was testing if  it 'worked' for me...& it does - also hanging close by where I scrap..

 ...but I have too much flair, so the rest is stored in these babies....great for brads, buttons, resin, dots...

  I have a whole post on what I call my 'photo holder' over at LESSology HERE....suffice to say, I LOOOVE more gluey, sticky, lost photos. They sit here SAFELY......

 My 'scraps' are colour co-ordinated & slip inside these files....easy. I now throw the really small bits out - unless I totally LOOOVE them!!

 Another 'nice' way of storing those smaller scrapping items - spice racks ROCK, as do these cute vintage glasses - all from the Op shop!! So is the little shelf they're sitting on. I'm going to do that up too, 'one day'....!!!

 Most of my stamps are clear, & most stored in baskets: Christmas/ Used...I'm sure you'll work out your own categories!!!!

 I pull out the centre from DOUBLE CD cases from the Dollar store - they MUST be double, & do this:

 Then I know exactly where they are from & when & what they look like at an easy glance!!!

And lastly, my Washi Tree - one of those old kitchen mug hanging trees...op shop again...I WILL do it up [cough] for me!

Heavy on pics....hope this either helps, or is at least plain FUN to look at ......leave any ideas, hints, stuff you'd like to share as a comment...would love to read your ideas:):)
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Thanks for sharing Lizzy, it looks like a great system! It would save a lot of time looking for the things you dont know you need until you see them.!!hehe!

  2. Totally loving this Lizzy! What an organised space you have... I wish I could be like you - though its inspiring....should go see if I can go tidy something!!!

  3. Your space ROCKS!!! LOVING how you keep the little bits organized!!!!!!!

  4. Super organised Lizzy - I love the stamp solution and the white paint on the back of the flairs. Now I'm off to see the photo solution at LESSology :D

  5. This is fabulous Lizzy! Some great ideas! Funny how things that are important to some people aren't important to others.I think the only flairs I own are ones that I've won!

  6. You are very well organised Lizzy and I love your space...and your storage for my place...I only photographed once...when my hubby just completed never looked as neat...ever again!

  7. Loved peeking into ur craft room. Thanks for some lovely ideas too - d one I'm def goin to pinch is d stamp CDs. Genius :)

  8. Some great ideas for storage there Lizzy. Great idea for keeping track of Flair buttons.

  9. really like the badge/flair idea with writing the name behind the badge - need to note that for me :)