Monday, May 26, 2014

Designer Hot Spot - Kripa Koushik

I would like to introduce to you a special guest to our blog Kripa Koushik.

Kripa was the winner of the Free For All Challenge back in April and the prize for winning that challenge was a Designer Hot Spot so we are going to share a little about Kripa.

Q. Where do you Live?
A. I currently reside in a leafy, tranquil suburb of Sydney, Australia

Q. What is something Quirky about you?
A. Before I start a project I religiously clean up my table and re-organise all supplies in their respective boxes. I don't know why I go through the trouble as 5 minutes later, most of the stuff is back out and my table looks like a mess (...... a very happy mess:) )

Q. What is your most loved scrapping supply company
A. Hmmmm...... I have only been scrapping for a little over a year so havent used papers and supplies from many companies yet. I loooove most things Prima but I also like a lot of the recent crate paper releases. You'll be surprised, but I'm not really that much of a flower girl despite using loads of pink in my layouts.

Q. Did you do any crafts before paper craft and what was it?
A. I have always loved handmade and dabbled with paints from as far back as my memory goes. Back in the days when people sent snail mails, I was in school and made my own stationary to write to friends and family. Next came the phase of art journalling, oil pastels, glass painting, tile painting, mosaics, pottery, embroidery and the list goes on. Then, there was a gap of almost 7 years when I didnt do anything. My art journey made a comeback in the form of scrapbooking a little over a year ago. Im very happy with my decision of creating a blog and sharing my creations online. I never imagined there was such a friendly and welcoming community of crafters online and am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to share something about myself on offtherailsscrapbooking. 

Q. A before and after photo - One of you first cards that you ever made to the last one you have just

 A. I wish I had a picture of a card from my school days...... Ive attached the earliest one I have and the latest one (chipboard gears)


Kripa used our current challenge Using Chipboard to create this card

Thank you Kripa for joining us on the blog.

If you would like to see more of Kripa's work please visit her at


  1. Congrats!! Beautiful projects. I clean up after each project too. And you're right - doesn't take but 2 minutes and its wild again.

  2. Thank you so much Deena..... feeling very honoured to be showcased on your blog.