Monday, November 24, 2014

House Warming Gift by Priscilla

Hi everyone, it's my turn to share some inspiration today :)

A few weeks ago, I received a request from my sister to create a house warming gift for this very nice lady. I do not know her personally but looking at the photo, I knew that I wanted a striking background with some bling bling to match her elegance. Hence, the gorgeous color wheel idea came to mind.

The gold glitter ornate frame gave the glam factor, the feather created a soft and dreamy effect and the butterfly and ribbon is simply elegant.

Here's the brief steps on the creation of this background:
- To achieve the separation of each color portion; 2 pieces of paper was used to get the "V" effect for each column and sprayed on with Prima Color Bloom Spray.

Once the mist is dry, I soften the colors by dabbing white paint randomly with a kitchen towel. The uneven texture from the kitchen towel will help to create some texture. Then I picked out the blue columns to give it some extra attention by stencilling over it with the snake skin stencil from The Crafters Workshop.

I have used a script stamp from Tim Holtz Anonymous Stampers and Harlequin stencil from Tim Holtz as well to add more details and dimensions to the background.

Next is to dress up the chipboard ornate frame from Dusty Attic. I have prep this chipboard with a layer of transparent gesso before adding on the glitter. To adhere the gold glitter to the chipboard, I have applied a generous layer of glue medium, pour gold glitter over the whole chipboard and gently tap off any extra glitters.

Once done, it's time for the exciting moment to put all the embellishments together and complete the canvas!! :)

Supplies used:
8" x 10" canvas
Glitz Alpha Stickers
Liquitex clear gesso
Pink Paislee tag and buttefly die cut
Prima Color Bloom Sprays
Prima glitter butterfly and flowers 
The Crafter's Workshop Snake Skin Stencil
Tim Holtz Stampers Annoymous Stamps
Tim Holtz Harlequin Stencil
Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress Glitter
Tim Holtz Weather Wood Distress Ink Pad
Staz On Cloudy Sky Mini Ink Pad
Ribbon from Spotlight - a local craft store

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gelatos Tutorial Part One

Hi All :)
My turn today :) and by special request, I've made a video with a few different techniques for using those scrumptious little sticks of colour - yep, GELATOS!
There are a few more things I want to show you all, but I'll save them for Part Two ;)
So, without further ado, you can check out Part One  HERE.
Enjoy and thanks for watching xo

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lizzy's Creative Card

I thought you might like to check out how I created my card for last month's challenge. I'm pretty sure you could 'use' the idea with one of those stamps you've got floating around in your stash??!!!
Here's the card as a reminder:
 So, below is what I used to create this card:
 Then I used a PILE of off-cuts to stamp on...the markers were good to 'fill the gaps' on some of the circles...
 Then, to add an individual touch, I cut into the shapes...
...& outlined them with my marker! A bit fiddly, but better than hand stitching or fussy cutting flowers by a long shot in my book!!!
After that, it was simply a matter of piling them up on the card 'til they looked 'right'...
...popping on a few enamel drops & adding the sentiment. Amazing how bright & vibrant Distress inks can look, too, I reckon:)
Thanks for looking & as always, Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Make your own enamel dots with Lynn's tutorial

Hi everyone, Lynn here with you today. You may or may not have seen the various tutorials about your on enamel dots.
So this is not my idea - and isn't that annoying.
I decided, however, that I really wanted to try it for myself and then
why not share the experience with you, my scrappy pals.

I bought the pony beads at Michaels $3.99 a pack - I wanted to have different sizes
and I didn't want to be overwhelmed. You can also use perler beads, which they had for $6.99
and had about a bazillion beads in them.
(Those beads look the same to me).
As if 1,360 isn't overwhelming.
 The tutorials recommend you spread your beads on parchment paper
in cookie sheets, preheat your oven to 450 and bake for 30 minutes.
I did preheat the ole oven.
I did use parchment paper.
I did spread those babies out.
 Below is the result. 
I didn't spread them out enough. 
The beads have a tendency to move
during the putting them in the oven process.
Also, during the baking process when the pan "jumps."
And when the paper is isn't flat - it also moves the beads.

I also pulled them out of the oven after 12 minutes.
 There was a lot of melting together going on.
 Therefore, I did what most tutorials said to do, and laid them out
with lots of space between them, because they move.
When you put them in the oven.
When the paper moves.
 I also learned to cut the parchment paper down so it 
doesn't curl up on the sides.
I switched the bigger beads to the bigger pan and
smaller beads to the medium pan. DOh!
And I also switched the big beads to the bottom rack and smaller to the top rack.
 I didn't change the temperature of the oven from 450 degrees
 but I did change the time from 12 to 8 minutes.
The brown beads that only come in the smaller pack - are not pretty. 
LOL. Just saying.
And they really didn't melt well.
Those couple of changes gave me much better results - 
and toward the last couple of batches,
I changed the time to 7 minutes.
 I also managed to cut myself on these bad boys - you can break apart
the ones that melted together but there are some sharp edges going on.
 I also found that the change in temperature to 7 minutes made the
small beads bake smaller.
The pans and parchments cool rather quickly - and that helps the process move along.
 These are the results - I have 1,360 small, medium and large sizes in various colors.
Does that rock or what.
And I kept some of the beads that melted together. They sort of look like molecules.
They are not all perfect - but that's part of their charm.
And here's the test - which ones are the ones I did hmmm???
Below are my dots used on a page in various places.
 So rounding up - 2 packs of beads for $8.00, 1.5 hours of time
I have 1,360 various colors of dots.
Or you can pay $4.99 a pack for 60.

ANSWER: The black, beige and white enamel dots are the ones I baked up.

I did have some trial and error going on - and I hope if you try it, I narrowed it down
some for you. 
My oven is a gas, convection oven and if you let the beads go too long they will burn.
I have no idea what the ovens in the tutorials were, but had I used their times
I'd have burned the house down.
It took about 1.5 hours to complete all 1,360 beads.
Even knowing that they rolled around, I still had to make myself NOT
fling a bunch on the pan. So don't do that.

Let me know if you make your own and how your experience went.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lots of Cirlces

Hi All, Deena on the blog with you today.

It was so much fun creating this page for my art journal that I wanted to share the process with you. Below are the steps that I took.

1. Using the Kaisercraft 12 x 12 Bubbles Template I created texture with texture paste

2. Once the texture paste was dry I then sprayed water onto my page and used my Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays. I didn't spray them. I took the top of the bottle and used the tube inside like a paint brush. Because I had sprayed the page with water the drops of spray dispersed into the water and spread across the page. Just make sure that you don't have to much water, you can always add more. I used 3 different colours, a blue, a green and a grey.

3. After drying off my page i put a layer of Golden Regular Gloss Medium over it all.

4. Once again I dried of my page and added more colour with my Ranger Archival Ink pads. To get the colour i dragged and stamped the ink pads across my page. Because I used the medium over my page I took that extra time to make sure that my ink was dry, with the heat gun.

5. In my left over scrap draw I found a some a bag with circles and hoops that I had previously cut on my silhouette cameo. I then coloured them with paint (blue), Izink (green and blue), and archival ink (black)

6. To adhere the circles and hoops to the surface i again used my gloss medium.

7. At this stage I knew it wasn't finished so I started playing with my Faber Castell pitt pens by drawing around the edges of the circles and hoops in white and black.

8. This steps was to draw pale green circles all across the surface of my page.

9. The final step was to use my newspaper print stamp to randomly leave the print on my page.

It doesn't matter what colours, stencil, products that you use, just enjoy the journey you go on.

Happy Creating

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas By Romain - "What Time is it in Sydney?"

Hi !!!!

It's my day to show you my inspiration and my tutorial.

Some time ago , I made a canvas clock with a "Paris" theme. I decided I wanted to make one for a different big city, 
and in France, when we think about Australia, the first city we think of is Sydney!

And here is a little video to show you how i created it :)

And some close ups :)

Kisses from France !!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Revisiting Old Layouts

Hello everyone Wendy here with you today.

I wonder how many scrapbookers revisit their old scrapbooking layouts. I do this all the time and, although I don’t think I have a particular style, I’m always amazed at the difference between now and my earlier efforts.

 I first dabbled with scrapbooking about 10 years ago but never really followed through. I guess it was because I was time poor, and short on supplies. Then about four years ago I decided to take it up again and since then I have been scrapping fairly consistently. About three years ago I started trying digital scrapbooking and it didn’t take me long to get hooked on it. Now I love doing all sorts of scrapbooking and it’s such a pleasurable pursuit for me. I’m glad I renewed my interest in it.

I thought I would show you one of my very first scrapbooking efforts that I did in 2005.

The photos are from 1995 and, as you can see, I’ve used patterned paper, one sticker and I’ve hardly done any journaling. 

At the time I think my main concern was to get all my photos out of their old albums where the glue was making the photos deteriorate. Once I removed all the photos and filed them I was overwhelmed with the huge task of scrapbooking them all, so I took on the task with speed rather than creativity in mind.  This was probably another reason why I didn’t follow through for a few years.

Anyway, the following layout is more like the way I would scrap the same photos today.  A big difference, I’m sure you’ll agree.
I have been told that your scrapbooking style over the years tells a story in itself and, as such, you shouldn’t change your early layouts. I agree with this to a certain extent. However, I want to leave my scrapbooking albums to future generations to enjoy, so I will definitely be revisiting some of old layouts and updating them!

Thank you for reading part of my scrapbooking story.

Cheers from Wendy.