Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sue's Tutorial - Another Use for Project Life Cards

Hi everyone! Sue Plumb here with you today.
I hope all our Australian followers had a wonderful Australia Day yesterday and managed to celebrate our nation in style! It's back to school for us here in Queensland today (Hooray! I hear a few mums say.)

Today I have an idea for you showing you another way you can use those Project Life cards you might have in your stash. These are a couple of mixed media canvases that I created as Christmas gifts...

I used a layered selection of PL cards as the centrepiece for my canvases, and simply printed the quotes I wanted to use directly onto them. (You could use cards with pre-printed quotes on them too.) I find 3x4" PL cards the ideal size for these 8x8" canvases.

If you do want to print your own quotes, you will need to know how to print exactly where you want to on your cards. First, print your quote on plain copy paper, then simply hold it up to the light, place your card over the top and fasten the edges down with tape. Then pop it back into the printer and print it again. (Easy!)

A closer look at some of the detail...

I hope I have inspired you to try creating something different with your Project Life cards. And don't forget you still have a little time to create something for this month's challenge! You can see the gorgeous mood palette HERE.
Til next time, happy crafting! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gelatos Part 2: watercolour with gelatos

Hi everyone!

I have a super easy yet super fun technique to share with you today - using gelatos as watercolours.

First, prepare your page with gesso, so you don't get a crumbly mess. 

(This is a page I primed ages ago and it's been pressed against an completed page when my journal was closed, hence the specks all over it!)

Then, wet your paint brush and brush it on the tip of your gelato to release the pigments. 

 Then, just dab it on your page, no rhyme or reason, just keep dabbing til you see an effect you like. Get more water on you brush and pick up more colour from time to time.

Repeat the process with as many colours as you like for your project. Wait for one colour to dry before adding another colour over the top, otherwise the colours will just mix.

Once you've got the desired look for your page, you can create splatters. I just drag the brush across the tip of the gelato and keep the movement going above the page, and droplets of colour fall off and splatter on the page.

And there you have it, a background done and ready to journal on :) 

Have fun experimenting with your gelatos, and don't forget to share with us on our Facebook page if you give this technique a go!

Catie xo

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wendy's Simple Washi Envelopes

Hello Lovely Scrappers. I hope you're all enjoying the start to the new year.
It's Wendy here today to show you how to make some simple, decorative envelopes using your Washi tape.
Making envelopes is certainly not a unique idea, and I can't claim credit for being the first to do it, but I always use a couple of very simple techniques that I want to pass on to you. When I make cards I often don't have the right size envelopes for them but I've always got plenty of paper and Washi tape that I can use. And, if you're like most paper crafters, you will too.
This first envelope is made from a piece of good quality copy paper.
Here is a different, even simpler, envelope.
I've made these envelopes using A4 paper for easy demonstration but, of course, you can make them any size you want by using the same techniques.
And for those people who are organised and always have the right size envelopes, you can use your Washi tape to pretty them up. Here is a ready made envelope I decorated.
I hope you found my tips practical and, until next time, happy scrapping :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Turning Torn Paper into a Card Background

Hello All, Deena on the blog with you today.

Sometimes I struggle to think of what to share but this month was easy. I want to share with you how I created my card for the current challenge

If you click on current challenge above it will take you to the challenge post and you will see that the challenge is a mood palette. The colours are yellow, black and white. These three colours are not something that I have worked with together before so it did provided a little bit of thought, ok to be perfectly honest I had to put a lot of thought into.

I first created not one but two different art journal backgrounds. Both of the backgrounds were created using water, Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray and Archival Black Ink.

I didn't like either of them and I couldn't see where they were going. So I did something that I would normally not do, I torn them into strips. It felt really good to.

Now that I had ripped the pages into strips, what was I going to do with them? Current I am cutting 300gsm water colour paper into 8x8 squares for my journal pages, but I needed something a little more robust to support the strips. So I decided to use my mixed media paper that is (I think is the same gsm) stronger and doesn't warp for the support. As you can see below there is no rhyme or reason where the strips went, they are not all the same length or thickness. To glue them down and have a clear coating over the top I used my X-press It Triple Tac Glue. I use my Triple Tac for everything, from attaching paper to metal embellishments and everything in between.

Once i had completely cover the strips with the triple tac I then used my heat gun to dry it. There were two reasons for this. The first is that I am impatient and wanted it dry immediately and the second is that when drying it I could create more texture by causing the glue to bubble and leave those magical little lumps. In the photo above you can see them if you look closely.

When finished drying and creating texture i then used my paint scrapper to apply some gesso. Again I used by heat gun to dry the gesso, but not completely as I wanted to rub some of it off.

I decided that although I had a lot of texture I needed more colour so I found my Sunshine Yellow Alcohol Ink from Tim Holtz and while gently squeezing I ran the bottle across the top of my page which I was holding on an angle to let the ink run down my page.

The paper has been through a lot but I haven't finished with it yet. Using my nail I scrapped it down the right had side causing bits of the paper to come away and then I carefully remove a strip of paper from the left hand side of my card. I then applied more gesso with my scrapper and wiping away the excess. When I finally finished and stopped and look at my background it reminded me of weathered painted wood.

The final step was to add my gorgeous flower, some muslin and thin black ric rack. All attached with my Triple Tac Glue.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Mid Month Reveal

Can you believe that it is coming to the mid point of the month already. This means that we have more amazing inspiration from our very talented Design Team. 

My take on this moodboard is slightly different to my usual style, but I absolutely loved creating this layout with these colours!! This is one of my favorite colour palettes of all time :)! I´ve gone totally flowery and romantic with glitter and all with this one. Had a great time creating this one - hope you will too :)!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Luciana's Mini-Album with Packaging

Hello there! Luciana with you today!!!
I'm very happy, today is my official debut here in OTR as DT!
I like to reuse materials in my projects. I always look for packaging and materials that can be availed in my albums.
The project that I have prepared for you today is a minialbum done with the stencil pack of cards.
I had some cards and decided to transform to a technique I love using the chalkboard!
Come on?
Select the cards or packages you want to use, can be of various sizes.
Paint cards with chalkboard paint or acrylic paint. I used the chalkboard. If you need to apply another coat of paint.
For this type of packing paper, the final appearance was similar to plastic. I love these effects.
Now let's decorate the pages with drawings on the edges. Use the gel pen or pencil white, which suits you. I used a white gel pen.
I drew a drawing type on each page. Front and back!
Now just have fun decorating your album!
I used the Forever Green Collection by Prima marketing and pictures of my cat Cherry!
Use strips or rings to hold your pages. I used scraps of different fabric ribbons.
This is my suggestion for decorating the pages. You can be inspired, I hope you enjoy!
I think the kitten like! I'll see you soon!
Luciana W XOXO