Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Scraplifting but using your own style - by CathyS

This month you have no doubt noticed that we have all been scraplifting out teammates. Well I chose to scraplift Lisa-Marie but then added the twist of my own style to the page too:

I really admire Lisa-Marie's many layers that she always uses on her layouts. They are very distinctive and so effective. This is the layout I was inspired by:

My only problem though is that I don't very often scrap single photo layouts so needed to find a way to incorporate multi-photos onto a single photo scraplift. You will see those three small photos on the bottom right, they were added after I had finished most of the layout... more in line with my style and just helped with telling the silly story. I also hand-journalled on my layout after I had photographed the finished page, just so that I would have the story, but it would be too personal to share here.

So my challenge to you is not to be scared of scraplifting a layout, but always remember to somehow make it your own and true to your style too.

Happy scrapping till next time,

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