Monday, September 11, 2017

Quick and Easy Joy Fold card with Tania

Hi there!

Tania joining you today to share a tutorial for making a Joy fold card........

I have always loved making cards, but find making folded cards even more fun and rewarding than a normal card. 

There are so many different types of Folded Cards around, so I am going to share one of my favourites with you and this one is so quick and easy :)

Joy Fold Card

You will need:

A Scoreboard
Adhesive, either tape or glue
Patterned Paper

Step 1
Cut your piece of cardstock 8 ½” x 4 ¼” and then score at 5 ½”.

Step 2
Cut another piece of cardstock 8” x 3”, score this at 4”.

Step 3
Cut your patterned paper 4” x 5 ¼” and adhere to the inside of your card.

Step 4
Cut another piece of patterned paper 2 ¾” x 4” and adhere to the front of your card.

Step 5
Cut another two different patterned papers 2 ¾ “ x 3 ¾”, ones that can be stamped on would work best, this way you can stamp a greeting on the top one, it is optional to stamp on the other one. Adhere them as desired to the inside and outside of your 8” x 3” piece of cardstock.

Step 6
Add some adhesive to the back of your smaller flap and then adhere to the inside of your card, slightly to the right. Make sure that your fold is to the right.

Step 7 (Optional)
If you wish to secure your flap into place, add either a stamped image or a circle with 3D dots, slightly over the edge in the bottom left corner to keep it closed.

Step 8
Decorate your card as desired to finish.

Well that's all from me, I hope this has inspired you a little to play around and have fun making some different styled cards! 

Until next time

Tania xx