Sunday, February 26, 2017

Making Card Background using Geli Plate with Tania

Hello everyone! I've been playing with my recently purchased Geli Plate, and having a bit of fun. It's one of those things that gives you different results every time! Not always a success, but if you just keep going you learn what mediums work better than others. I used some acrylic paints this time around and made some backgrounds for a set of cards! Hope you enjoy!!!

To begin, you will need a Geli Plate, they come in different sizes, this one is a 6x6".

Have some white cardstock on hand, your craft mat and a brayer and collect your acrylic paint colours. I also used some die cuts I had sitting on my desk. (You can use stencils, leaves, bubble wrap etc, the choices are endless, but be sure not to use anything sharp on your Geli plate!!!

Now for the fun part!!! Squeeze some dots of paint onto the Geli Plate, in a few different colours, then roll your brayer over the paint, back and forth, until it has covered the plate completely. (Don't overdo it, as it may become muddy!)

Once you have some colour on the plate, you can begin to add other detail. Try using the end of a pencil or something pointy, (but not sharp), to make some sqiggly lines or circles!

Next, add some die cuts!

When you have finished decorating your plate, place your white card on top, carefully, and then using a clean brayer, roll back and forth over the top of the card, to transfer the pattern!!!

Lift off slowly and check out your results. 

(I used 2 prints from the ones above, and another from a different batch I made to make my set of cards below.)

I love the results with the bright backgrounds!
For my music card, I stamped an image & sentiment and embossed in black. to make it stand out a bit more, I painted the flowers and leaves of the stamp with a little Distress Ink and a water brush. (Mounting the background image, also helps it stand out!) 

For the 2nd card, I mounted the image on black card again, then stamped and embossed the flowers and vase on a separate piece of white card, mounted that image and coloured parts of it with Distress inks and a water brush. I also added some gold with a Posca pen. I mounted the stamped image with foam tape and before finishing off with a sentiment, I added another touch of Distress Ink and water to the top right. The sentiment is a die cut! 

For the final card, I went for a slightly different look, by cutting the Geli Plate print into strips. I taped them to the card base for my background and edged the card in black ink. I stamped and embossed a sentiment, mounted that on black, and before mounting onto my card, I placed a strip of washi tape, to sit below the sentiment. Once mounted, I added some found items on my desk, (gemstones and a little stamped dragonfly).

Thanks for taking a look, I hope I have given you a little insight into how cool Geli Plates can be in your artwork!!!


  1. Great idea for card making ... I love my Geli Plates!

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