Thursday, January 12, 2017

Creating your own flower vines with Tania

Good Morning!  Tania with you today to share a fun tutorial making your own flower vines!  So simple you will be making your own in no time!  

Materials that you need are:
A Packet of Kaiser Blooms (can be any flowers but they need to have wire stems)
Paper Leaves with Wire Stems 
Florist Wire and Florist Tape (most florists stock this)
A Skewer 
 Wire Cutters (optional, I didn't need to use them)

Make sure you have all these supplies ready before beginning as will make life easier lol.

First up grab your three florist wire pieces (these should be around 10 -15 cms in length) and using the skewer wrap the top around the skewer to form your tendrils.

Now comes the fun bit making your vine.  Begin with one of your tendrils and just below where the spirals stop you need to start the florist tape.  Make sure you have it on a slight angle and begin to twist it downwards around the wire.

After you have twisted it a few times, you can start to add one of your flowers, repeat the twisting until the flower is secure, then you can add a leaf. A handy tip is to stretch the tape a little while twisting as this helps it hold better to the wire :)

Continue to add your flowers, leaves and tendrils until you are happy with look of your vine.  To finish off continue the tape to the end of the wire and cut off at the end.

A few close ups of my finished vine :)

Well that's all from me today.  I hope you have inspired you all to get crafty and have a play at making your own flower vines.

Until next time, happy crafting

Tania xx