Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handmade Flower

Sandi with you today and welcome to my Off The Rails Scrapbooking October Tutorial idea. In the past I have made some homemade flowers, a friend of mine asked if I could do a tutorial on how I made my bead decorated flower I had used on one my layouts she had seen. This is a similar flower I have just made using these materials: Chiffon material strips 7cm x30cm, cotton thread, fine embroidery needle, beads, brads for centre decoration.

Fold the strip of material and pin to make a strip 3.5 x 30cm. I threaded a long thin embroidery needle (a beading needle will do the job) with matching cotton thread, knotted one end and sewed approx 1/3 from the raw edges using a running thread .

By pulling the thread up tight, gathers the strip into a circle, ensure the raw edges are tucked through to the back to form a neatly gathered centre to the flower. Sew a few stitches to join the edges together to ensure the flower stays tightly gathered.

I like to use small stitches to close the edges together to finish the circle neatly.

I selected an 'Antique Button- Brad' from Kaszazz and placed it in the centre spreading the bars out at the back of the flower to secure it in place.

I chose Beadz 1.8mm 'Black seed- rainbow' and using the Button Brad as a guide for my circle, pushed the needle from the back of the flower to the front, then individually threaded each bead onto a beading needle after placing the needle through to make a small stitch as shown in the picture below.

To ensure the beads sit evenly, I every so often thread my needle back through groups of bead again, a few at a time,  and again on completion of the circle before I push the needle through to the back to tighten the beads. I finish of by sewing a few stitches to secure the thread.

You could leave the flower as it is, or cut the folded edge by putting the scissors into the fold and cut the fold to separate the flower into 2 layers then fray the edges to soften.

Thanks for joining us at Off the Rails Scrapbooking.


  1. Love this!! I'll have to give it a go.

  2. This is gorgeous.....mine never look as good....those beads around the edge of the button look fabulous:):)