Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Noticing Things Around You

Today on the blog we have the very clever Lynn who has created a tutorial that will make you view things in another way.

As we were flying down the road on the way to the keys, I happened to notice these banners cleverly leading your eye back to the advertising sign. (I apologize for the photo because did I have the presence of mind to capture it on the sunny day we were on our way down? Nooooooo....I captured it on the return trip - where it poured down rain the entire time. Anyhoo, my scrappy minions, I had an AHA moment, fleeting though they are, and I quickly thought it would be cool to have a banner used in that same clever way by associating it with a title or journaling box and draw my reader's eye straight to it.

I grabbed my little notebook and did a quick sketch with some notations. What? You don't carry around a notebook? Well I didn't either, so when we stopped to pick up some supplies, I purchased an inexpensive notebook and I will carry that baby around with me hence forward. 

It will be earning its keep by keeping notes, lists, and cute things I'll never remember, although I have high hopes, and catching all those things around me that could possible provide another AHA moment and get more cool and interesting things on my scrapbook page.

I made a second sketch when I discovered the photos I had in mind had a different orientation than what the first impromptu sketch. And isn't that versatile.

 I laid out my photos according the sketch and began to add in the embellishments and layers. The base paper is from Studio Calico and has those cool words already written on them so I tried to place the pictures where I could keep the words as accents. I decided to make the banner out of vellum because the photos took more space than what I drew on the sketch and needed to overlay it on the photos.

 I got rid of the knot because it was making me crazy and I hand cut the banners. On the final version I had to make the banners smaller because it just got way too wild with the bigger size. I also changed them up and made triangles with the banners.

I like how it actually does take you eye right up to the title. You could also use the banners to highlight your journaling or that special photo. You know of course being sketch professionals that you are, that its just a guide and you can change it up to suit your fancy. 

In full disclosure, I don't normally draw my own sketches (as you can see from the awesome talent going on), so this whole process was new to me, mostly because I was tasked as a DT member to provide a tutorial for you, and I, in turn, learned something as well.

Thanks for tuning in, and your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to look about your surroundings and see things that can be incorporated into your scrapbook pages, and use either a notebook, napkin or receipt that you might have handy in order to make note of your awesome find.

Then make an awesome page and share!


  1. Well, my friend, you've been busy!!! Love the fact you bought a notebook. Cannot believe you didn't have one with you. Seems ludicrous. ;) way to go!

  2. So clever and practical Lynn. Well done :)

  3. I've got so many little tips from reading your post! Thank you.....& loving the way your banner(s) turned out:):)

  4. The world is full of inspiration! and a note book is a very handy thing to have when something grabs the eye and imagination! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the layout and that little banner is just adorable ♥