Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Decor | By Lisa-Marie Watling

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are all ready for Christmas!  

Every year, I end up buying more Christmas decor for my home - be it an ornament, a dancing 'toy' or more decorations for my tree.  This year I decided to tie in my love of Christmas decor with this month's challenge to create some more decor items for my home.

You will need:
- cardboard
- heavy white Gesso
- Christmas themed elements
- glue gun or similar strong adhesive
- ribbon
- mists
- Nuvo Paste

Cut out circular shaped 'baubles' from your cardboard and then tear off some of the top layer of board.  Arrange your Christmas themed elements on the bard and once you're happy, adhere them all down.

Coat the entire surface of your 'baubles' with a few coats of Heavy White Gesso and allow to dry.

Begin spraying / misting your bauble to your hearts content!  Spray with water in places where the colour may be too concentrated.  Ensure that you dry with a heat gun before proceeding to the next colour!

In the images above and below, you will see that I have sprinkled some white UTEE on my trees - I love how this resembles little spots of snow!

I lightly sprayed with some gold after I was happy with the misting on my 'baubles'

Above and Below - I also added a few silver highlights with Nuvo paste

The images below show the finished results: I have stapled some ribbon to the top and they are all three now hanging on my Christmas tree!

On that note, we wish you an absolutely wonderful Festive Season!  And we can't wait to see what creations you are going to share with us this month!

Until next time!
Warmest Wishes,
Lisa-Marie xxx

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