Friday, December 7, 2018

5D Diamond Painting by Deb

Hello there Friends

Fort his months Anything Goes Christmas challenge I chose 5D Diamond Painting.  Have you discovered this crafty goodness yet?

A close friend introduced me to Diamond Painting, and boy am I pleased she did.

For those of you who haven't discovered 5D Diamond Painting yet, it is very similar to Paint by Numbers except using dimensional beads which attach to a sticky printed canvas.  It is also very similar to cross stitch in that the canvas comes printed with the design and a colour key.

I bought my kit from Ebay and with the kit you receive a printed canvas, all the coloured beads required, a pick up tool, a tray, and a square of 'mud'.

To begin you should check that you have all the colours as noted on the side of the canvas.

Then you should store then in a more practical way.  I use small ziplock bags which I place number stickers on to match the design.  I get the stickers from the local stationery store.

Once you are ready to start your painting, peel back a corner of the protective plastic, do not remove all of it as it protects the tackiness of the canvas and you need that tackiness for the beads to stick.

Decide which colour you are going to start with, pour some of those coloured beads into the tray, load up your pick up tool with some of the mud, and pick up your first bead.  The bead should be picked up with the faceted side facing you, which means the flat side is away from you and ready to place on the canvas

I began with the numbered 6 bead, and started sticking them on in the bottom left hand corner

It really is a matter of preference how you go about 'painting' your canvas, but I find it easier to do a section of colour at a time.

Unfortunately, at the time of scheduling this post, my Painting wasnt finished, but I will definitely share with you the finished Christmas scene, so you can see how great they look.

When you have finished your canvas, you will have a number of beads left over and I store them  in a plastic container, with the corresponding DMC floss (cross stick floss) number.  Often the canvas' are printed with the DMC number to make it easier to match colours and store them.  

 Unfortunately this kit did not, so I will be storing my left over beads like this:

I am really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for this Anything Goes Christmas challenge.

Thanks so much for stopping by today

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