Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Cherie's Favourite Flowers - December 2018

Morning Scrapping Friends.  
Today I am sharing how to make my favourite flowers which I use all the time. These flowers use a punch but you could use die cut flowers and the same process.

Firstly, cut two of each punch size.  I have used an extra-large punch and a large punch. The above flowers use two extra-large and two large flower cut-outs.  The extra-large punch cuts out a flower 7.5cm across and the large punch cuts out a flower 5 cm across.   I like to ink all edges before I glue and fold the flowers but that is your choice.  Pinch each petal together between your thumb and forefinger – facing up as in the bottom photo. 

Glue two extra-large flowers on top of each other – as shown in the middle photo.  Then do the same again with two of the large flowers. Finally glue two large on top of the extra-large flowers and put a button in the middle.

You can also make these flowers using just one of each size – I usually use three different sized punches.  Use buttons or bling as the centre or just a very small punched flower.

Happy flower making -

Arohanui from New Zealand

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