Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tips with Trish.

One of my most faved products would have to be Gesso, l just love the stuff.
It is so versatile. 
It can be lightly wiped over a bright coloured patterned paper to tone it down, just use a baby wipe to give a good effect.
It can be applied as a background.

Here are some different ways it hasbeen used.
The first l have just used a wide bristle brush to give a wet paint look to the chalk board..then l splashed on some ink and then added all my embellishments and the picture.

This next effect is created by using a stencil....of which l have heaps...cos l looove them.. and then adding the colour.
This can be done with ink as spray, as droplets, paint splats..let your imagination run wild.

And for the last LO, this was created by using a stencil that has already been used and still has the gesso on it. Thank you to my dear friend for giving me this tip!!
It works a treat and secondly you are not washing all that lovely product down the drain. 
Simply flip it over on to your next piece of card stock.
I use this technique quite a bit.

So this is a fabulous circle stencil flipped onto some lovely black card stock, l have made a loose knot in some jute string, used sticky dots to adhere it..(too impatient to wait for glue to dry).. and then added the heart and the words and the spritz of gold. 

I encourage you to have a play with something that you may not have used before.
I bought my tub of gesso from my local Scrapbooking  store, but any art supplier will have it and other mediums that you can play with too.

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