Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tutorial tags with kraft and foil by Luciana Warnowski

Hello friends, Luciana today with you!
You turned out how beautiful our mood board is? How much inspiration this month?
And today we will make beautiful tags with kraft paper, sewing and foil. 

1 - Cut two tags to the desired size on kraft paper and sew the edge.
I sewed a tag on the machine because it broke.
I finished seams in hand!

 2 - Choose some texts or words for your tag in adhesive rub-on and apply foil

 3 - Make splashes with metallic or other acrylic paint.

 4 - Paint a doily, I used Color Bloom to paint.

5 - Decorate with flowers and chipboard.

6 - Paint the ribbons with Color Bloom.

 7 - Apply sequins to finish.

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Thank you for visiting us!
I hope you are inspired and participate in our challenge! See you soon!

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