Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Santa Town tutorial with Jaehee

Hello my Craft friends. Jaehee here today.
What does Christmas Santa town look like?
I made a Santa town on the boots, Santa 's gift box on Christmas day.

What gift is in Santa's town in the boots?
Let's decorate the town of Santa in our boots.

I cut the red paper into the boots shape I want. 

Attach patterns along the cut pattern.
The boots shape are finished.

Cut the poinsettia, pine needles, and icicle shapes into die cuts.

I make a shaker card with a window feel.

I gave the shaker card a small town feel.
I put a little snowflake on the snowy landscape.

It is decorated with die cuts prepared on the boots.
The outer surface of the boots gives a wooden frame feel.

Decorate with glitter on poinsettia flowers.

Completely shiny poinsettia with light.
Is the sparkle pretty?

Decorate with a shaker card and a cut die cut on a wood frame.

Put pictures on the boots with tag feel.

Cut snowflake, tag shape die cut and message.
Feeling like a muffin pick......
Do you have a present for Santa?
Can I write that gift? Santa can see...^^

My Santa town is finished.
Santa town where red and white became points.
The Christmas accessories are finished with a sense of winter.

I hope that Santa's gift is filled with ....
We wait for Christmas to come.