Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Origami Butterfly - with Joan

Joan here today sharing … there are many tutorials out there on how to make an origami butterfly, but I thought I would share a step by step tutorial on how I make mine. The nice thing about this butterfly is that it’s easy and you should have everything to make it right there in your stash.

 Supplies you will need:

~ Paper of your choice (nothing too thin or brittle)
~ Scissors
~ Ruler
~ Pencil
~ Ink pad (color of you choice)
~ Glue
~ Thin wire

For my butterfly I cut a 4 X 4 inch square. 
 The smaller the square the smaller the butterfly will be.

Fold your paper in half both ways.

Then fold your paper diagonally both ways.

It should look like this.

Now fold the center folds inwards to make a big triangle that is open at the bottom.

Next fold the top layers on each side upwards towards the top.

Turn your paper over.

Now fold the corner of the solid piece upwards over the edge.

Flatten the center only ~ not the edges.

Turn your paper back over.  Fold the little triangle forward and over and
glue it down with a dab of glue. Normally you wouldn't use glue
in origami but I it’s necessary because of the wire you will use for the feelers.

Ink the edges of the butterfly if you wish to do so.
Cut a small piece of thin wire and make the feelers. 
Attach the feelers with a glue dot.

Last step … with the little triangle facing inwards pinch
your butterfly together and flatten the crease.
Attach to your project.



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