Thursday, May 26, 2016

Love You - Tracey Henly

Mixed Media adding texture to your backgrounds

Look what you have in your scraps and old stash...
something that is textural but a shocking colour would be perfect for this technique.

I also prefer to use 12x12 sheet of chipboard as it holds all the wet mediums better without buckling and warping.

Attach ribbon,lace, medical guaze , fabric whatever you have found to your background with mod podge or matt gel medium even glue.
Let dry.

Next I added some texture with a template and some texture paste.
Let dry.

I used a chipboard Polaroid style frame and glued it onto the back ground. I added some texture to it with a product called whipped spackle.

Then I glued on some more accents, remember it doesn't matter what colour they are because we then cover them with white gesso before we start painting.

Start with your soft mist colours and build up your tones with darker shades as you go.
I have also used the new Prima alchemy paints for shimmer and pop on this layout too.

The last thing you do is glue on your accents that you didn't need to change the colour of. In this case I based the colour choice around the beautiful Prima flowers.

Thanks for looking.
Have fun peeps


  1. Love your technique and all of the texture on this layout! Beautiful picture, colors and design.

  2. Stunning this project! Thanks for sharing!!!! xoxo

  3. Lovin all the texture ... stunning page!