Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Learn with Luciana - Tags with foil

Hello friends!
Today I want to show a simple and easy tip that will give a special touch to your project!
I really shines, and found a super cool idea can use the foil sheet in the works.
I will show how two tags I made for different occasions.
You can find the Foil sheet of different brands in stores for handicrafts in general.
Let's start?

1 - Separate your tags, stamps, heat tool, ink pad Versamark, emboss powder and foil sheet in the color you prefer. I used gold and silver in my projects.

2 -Stamp using the Versamark and apply the emboss powder.

3 - Heat the image to melt the powder, wait melt and apply the foil when it is still hot. 
Be careful not to burn.

4 - Apply some stamped!

5 - Finalize tags decorating and putting ribbons!

My tags finalized! This technique is very cool to use with cards, or do backgrund to a page.

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I hope that you enjoyed! See you soon!


  1. Great idea ... beautiful tags!

  2. That's a clever take without having to buy expensive machines- looks fantastic:) Thanks for sharing!!