Sunday, November 1, 2015

Recycle or Upcylce November Challenge

Welcome to November, this month not only do we have one of our fantastic mood boards to inspire you with, but also we want you to either recycle or upcycle something. Do you have a cereal box just about to be thrown in the trash or an old card or even some advertising material from your mail box? Maybe you have a background from a layout, a card or a mixed media canvas that you started but you only got so far before you decided that it wasn't heading in the direction you want. Now is the time to use these things and do what the name of our blog suggestions go Off The Rails and create something that you never dreamed of creating. 

Is the mood board giving you lots of ideas? Lets get those thoughts and idea flowing even more and see what the Design Team from created.


Sneak Peek come back on the 24th to see the whole design

This month we welcome back Imaginarium Designs as our monthly sponsor.