Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Envelope Album

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make an album with envelopes and scrap pieces of pattern papers.

This is the sample of how the album will look like after dressing it up.

You can use the normal envelopes to make this album cover but it will be a soft cover. If so, please scroll straight down to the photo of the score board.

For me, I prefer it to be more hardy. Thus will be making some with my cardstock and the Envelope Punch Board from We re Memory Keeper. 

What I love about this envelope puncher is that I can make it to any size and the instructions are all provided. For this album I'm going to make, I will need them to be 5" x 7". Thus I need a paper size of 9.5" x 9.5" :)

I have prepare 2 pieces of 9.5" x 9.5" cardstocks

Line paper to score line 4 and score. 

Remember to punch and turn it anti-clockwise.
Repeat the same steps for the next 3 sides.

This is how the paper will look like when you are done with all 4 sides.

Now turn the punch board over and use the reverse punch to round the corners.

 Now take a score board and score at 1" on only one corner of the long side of the envelope

Then sealed the 3 sides. See picture below.

Now align the envelope to the side and score the open flap at 5.75" (five and three quarter inch).

Repeat the steps above to create the other envelope. 
When you are done, you will have 2 envelopes looking like the picture below.

Now insert both sides of the open flaps into each envelope. 
The picture below shows the top down view. 
You have just completed the album cover!

Next, we need a long strip of paper; 11" x 7" to make a bone for the pages. 
Leave about 4" from the side and score 9 times. Each time giving a spacing of 3/8"

Fold the score lines; alternating the bends as you do so. See picture below.

It's now time to prepare the pages. Trim 8 pieces of pattern paper to a size of 5" x 7"

Paste the pages on the V bone you have just created. Ensure that the pages align well.

This is should be the final look after you have finish pasting all the 8 pieces of pattern papers.

Now slide the 2 sides of the completed album into the envelope covers and you are done!
*Similar action to how you insert the passport into the covers*

Here are the photos of the completed album with blank front and back covers.

I went ahead to beautify my front and back cover and this is my final version.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and do feel free to leave some comments.

Lots of love and Happy Crafting!