Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lizzy introduces us to "UTEE"

Hey there! Do you know Utee? Nope, it's not a person! It stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel....& it's just that. It comes in a range of colours, but I only have the clear one. I really like the thick, glossy effect it gives when heat set. 
Here's how I used it for a simple Chrissy tag, using up some BUTTONS.
 The crystals are MUCH coarser than 'normal' heat embossing powders & you're best to heat set from UNDERNEATH so they don't blow off everywhere!
Above is a sample, but for this tag, I mixed some normal Gold embossing powder in with the UTEE, to get the effect below:
 I used a damp piece of old foam spritzed with Heidi's spray colours to colour the manila tag [which was also lightly dampened with water]...
these are the TRUE colors, below...
 ...for some reason, the rest of the photos turned out wishy-washy colour wise....??? Who KNOWS!!!
Poked the holes through when I popped my buttons into the places they looked 'right'...
  My trickster way of attaching threads! I mean....knots to tie thread? That would be, like, waaay too hard for this sewer-hater! Besides, this was heading to being attached to the front of a card, so no-one will see the back.
IF it's going to be a 'stand alone' tag, then you just need to thread the button first, tie a knot behind the button, & then use a hot glue gun or strong PVA glue to attach to your tag. Or not even USE thread. They look nice just as they are, too:)
 A bit of diagonal washi tape for pop.....& it's finished. Simple, neat, easy, effective AND a stash buster for a few more of those buttons!!!! Hope this inspires your creativity in one way or t'other...
...& can I just wish you, one and all, a most amazing, wonderful, joyful, peaceful, fun & happy Christmas....
BLESSINGS to each & everyone one of you out there ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. The tag looks fabulous and the washi adds that little something.

  2. You clever girl! Love your tag and I do not have any UTEEEE!! but it sounds like a very useful product to have! And bestest wishes right back to all of you at OTR'S!!

  3. ooooo Love it!! I have a big bottle and do I use it??? noo......... but i will now.

  4. Clever girl... I need to get all my embossing powders and UTEE's out an play... I don't have time for anything at the moment it feels like. Maybe after silly season x