Sunday, November 9, 2014

Upcycling a wooden box into a "Pretty"

Hello everyone. Erin here with you today to share a little box I made for my daughter.

My daughter Catherine "Cat" loves to look at the scrap space and say "pretty" (she is just 2) and always tries to steal my stickers, papers, or anything "pretty".  So I decided to make her a little box to hold some of her precious items in it for her room.  When I gave it to her she had this look on her face like she got the best prize in the world, and of course she called it "pretty".

I just got a new phone and with it came this lovely box - wood grain look and really sturdy.  What a waste not to use it!!  The first step before adding my paper and embellishments was to ink the edges of the entire box to cover up and tears and scratches, and it soften the look of the final project.

I covered the entire box with Mod Podge to seal it all up and then covered it again with the Glitter paste to make it sparkle!!

I hope you've enjoyed my little tutorial. See you next time.

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