Friday, November 14, 2014

Today I am going to show you how to make quick cards using glitter and stencils -hope you enjoy
You will need - Stencils,glitter, Jak paper (sticky double sided paper) a tray and some plain cards.
Step 2 - stick your double sided paper onto your card front
 Step 3 carefully remove the other part of the Jak paper and add the stencil of choice be careful to position it so the stencil covers the sticky paper and press the stencil on firmly

I place it inn a tray as we all know glitter tends to spread everywhere
Step 4 - Choose where you would like the different colors of glitter to go over the stencil - I tend to use my finger to spread the glitter evenly.
Step 5 -Gentle tap the excess glitter of the stencil ( say the glitter ) even thought it will be mixed colours you can still use it again.
Take it outside and o the unstuck part of your stencil rip stencil off really quickly so that it doesnt leave any glitter on the remaining Jak paper.
Step 6 - I get some plain color glitter or small beads and cover the last part of the Jak Paper- spead over all the left over sticky Jak paper. then stand card up and remove excess.
 Final step - The finished card I hope you like it they are some easy to make and make great cards at Christmas time and it doesn't matter if it is not perfect.




  1. ooooo very pretty and easy. Love that.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I've some double sided paper that has been languishing for a I know how to use it!!! TFS:)