Saturday, November 15, 2014

DIY Decorative Tapes - with Sue

Hi everyone! It's Sue Plumb here with you today.

As everyone is probably aware, decorative tapes such as washi tape, are still a very popular trend in papercraft. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own version of decorative tape that can be used for papercraft, gift wrapping, decor items, etc.
You will need the following items:
- tissue paper
- double sided tape
- scissors
- craft knife
- ruler

Start by cutting a strip of the tissue paper and laying it design side down. Peel the backing from one side of the tape and adhere over the top.

Then, use your ruler & craft knife to trim the excess from the tape. (Remember to leave the backing in place until you are ready to use it.)

To store it, I simply roll the strips up and secure with a paperclip. I like to attach a little piece of matching tape on the end as a tag and then I keep them in a small basket.

Here are a few I prepared...

How you use your tape is limited only by your imagination. Just remember that as it is stronger than regular washi tape, you will need to cut rather than tear it. Besides tissue paper, you could also try using paper napkins or fabric.

Have fun!!! :)


  1. Great ideas and using material is definitely a good idea. Thanks

    1. Thanks Maria. And yes, the fabric tapes turn out well too. I find thin cotton ones work best, as you don't want anything too thick or it isn't very flexible. :)