Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Painted Ladies

Hello Off The Rails Friends, it's me Wendy on the blog today.
You will remember last month our super talented DT member Fiona showed us all how she did those beautiful art journal pages. Have another look at those pages just to refresh your mind about how cool they are.

Well I'm a big fan of Fiona's work and I totally love this art journal. It reminds me of a beautiful cityscape. I often see pages that I like, or interesting techniques, and think I will try them. Somehow though I rarely get around to doing it, but this time I couldn't resist. I don't do art journaling yet (I say 'yet' because I can see the time coming) so I adapted Fiona's ideas to a scrapbooking page.   Like Fiona, I used lots of strips of paper, stamping and water colours and this is what I came up with.

I used grey cardstock for the background. My strips of paper had a lot of colour so I toned them down quite a bit with white Gesso once I glued them in place. I used Washi tape in my strips as well.  Like Fiona, I did lots of stamping but, because I didn't have Stazon ink, I did my stamping towards the end after everything had dried. I also did a fair bit of stencilling, once again, towards the end because I didn't want the ink to run. I had no "rug gripper' so I used a mesh-type stamp with black ink instead.

I used Crayola water colour paints that cost about $3 or $4 from the super market .... big impact for a small amount of money. Once again, thank you Fiona for that tip.

It doesn't really matter whether or not you have all the supplies to do your project, give it a try, you can always improvise as I have. In fact, the reason I used grey cardstock for the background was because I had used up all my white cardstock. Lack of supplies didn't hold me back because I was really inspired to do this layout and I'm glad I did ..... it was a lot of fun. 

Thanks for looking. Cheers until next time. :)

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