Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Girly Box - Upcycling Project

Hi there! Lizzy with you today:)
This month I've decided it's BOX month for me at Off The Rails...today's box is in my scrap room...it holds my bling - rhinestones, pearls etc. But it really didn't 'match':

It's the bright pink one.....so, here's how it ended up:

MUCH better, don't you think? 
Btw, I think this was originally a box that came with a perfume set in it:

I simply ripped up some pretty pp that I had, covered it in Bostik Kids' PVA glue....all the way around the box, as well as the lid. Once it had dried, I smudged in a little gesso to 'soften' the lines, then added more PVA to give it a nice, glossy finish.
On the bottom, inside, the base was a bit spongy, so I added a random piece of card stock:

Next I covered it with some more that didn't really match - but I figured once I'd added some gesso, & my 'bling' was back in place, I'd never see it anyways, so it didn't matter too much. Below you can see it 'pre-gesso', still 'wet' with the PVA glue!

And a couple more pics of the finished box, so you can see that GORGEOUS gloss you get from using the PVA glue! The top of the box is one whole piece of patterned paper -no ripping here!

 And a lucky last 'pretty' picture:)

Thanks for looking ~ & happy scrapping!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. It looks really pretty now Lizzy

  2. Oh wow!!! The transformation is amazing!!! so beautiful Lizzy! hugs x

  3. OMYGOSH!! I am LOVING what you did with that box!!! Gorgeous!!!!

  4. Well that looks blimmin AMAZING Lizzy, totally love it and totally going to copy! :o)

  5. Oh Lizzy! This is absolutely gorgeous. You created a masterpiece with your box! Thanks so much for sharing how you made it, too! You are so creative, my friend!