Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making Glittery Digital Embellishments

Hi, it's Wendy on the blog today. 
I thought I would pop over and show you how I upscale some of my digital elements.
For the Off the Rails Scrapbooking challenge this month I did a digital layout based on the mood board and colour palette inspiration.

So today I thought I would show you how I made my elements glitter. I used Panstoria Artisan software to do this layout but you can get a similar effect with most digital software programmes. You just need to experiment to find the right tools.

First off, I chose a flourish from an art package by Creative Memories called Earthly Serenity. I chose this because it looks like a crucifix.

Then I chose some glittery paper from another art package called Weather Watch by Lindsay Jane. I used the gold coloured paper to colour my element.

This I did by clicking on my crucifix element to tell the programme what part of the page I want to change (you can see it is highlighted with a series of squares). Then I clicked on the gold paper and a drop down box appears with a number of options. I chose "Fill selected element" and the photo above shows what I ended up with.

Even though it's glittery, the element is still flat. I needed to do a couple of things to give it more dimension. For this I used the "Format" "Filter" tools (you can see them highlighted on the photo below).

As you can see, I still have my element highlighted so that the programme knows exactly what I want to format. After selecting "Format-Filters", you will be given a number of choices. I used "Edge" "3D Edge". At this stage you should get another screen with a drop down. Your screen should look like the photo below.

Once you experiment with the settings and get your edge exactly as you want it, click on "Apply" at the bottom of the page. Your element will have much more dimension then.

There are other ways of making glittery paper and elements but that's for another time. This is the most simple way I know.

Thank you for stopping by. Cheers :)

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