Saturday, September 20, 2014

Handmade Tags

Today on the blog we have Lynn sharing her handmade tags

AND what to do with at least one once they are made.
See that blue tag on the far right - with the stamped balloons.
That came from a page gone wrong and I didn't want to pitch it.
So I cut a tag (its double layered and was tough to cut) therefore
I only diecut one tag.
And it laid around until I decided that I needed more things laying around.

I took a bunch more scraps to diecut a bunch more things.
That if you look at the next photo - you'll see I didn't use.
I had a package of K&Co pre made diecuts hanging around
and used them with some Kaisercraft.

 Which means there's a bunch more where that came from.
So now - what to do with a big um tag.

I found when I have stuff I know not what or how to do with it I
start a page without a photo.
And I did. Then I figured out what size photo would work.
I originally thought 3x4 but the I didn't print the photos out correctly.
Shocking I know.
I went with what I had and it didn't change it much.
(Welcome to scrapping by the seat of your pants). LOL.
Honestly it came together better than I thought as I went to the
heritage side of the hobby. I even used more of those diecuts I just
happened to have hammered out earlier,
you know just in case I didn't have enough.
In the little tag at the top of the page has some interesting facts
on my great great grandparents who immigrated from Sweden.
I love those stories and love that I can document them.


  1. gorgeous Lynn!!! Love the idea and the tag!!!

  2. that tag is just gorgeous and how you´ve combined all the little bits on your layout makes it stand out even more! I love your layout!