Monday, July 7, 2014

Vintage-y Shadow Box With Bits and Bobs

We have Catie on the blog today, please keep reading to find out what gorgeousness she has created

I've created a shadow box with some vintage-y bits and bobs.  I used black gesso to prime the box, then decorated with various trinkets, pendants, punchinella, twine (for one of the nests), wire, chipboard and more.
I didn't really have anything particular in mind whilst creating this... just enjoyed the process of making something pretty.
Hope you enjoy checking it out :)

 I just love this rusted up old key!

I had a hard time getting the twine nest to do what I wanted, but got there in the end!

I used gold embossing powder on an image I stamped on the chippie balloon...

These metallic roses are so super cute!

So there you have it... I kind of enjoyed not really having anything particular in mind as I created this, and it's a cute talking piece to have on display in my home now.  I'd love to see if any of you have created something similar!

Thanks for looking.  Catie xo

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