Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Using a Colour Wheel part 3 - Analogous Colours

Hi OTR friends, Fiona here again sharing with you another tutorial about using a colour wheel to help with deciding what colours to incorporate into your projects.

This time I'll explore "Analogous" colour schemes with you.

An Analogous colour scheme is any three colours side by side on the colour wheel. Usually one of the colours predominates.

In this case it's Green. You could also choose A Blue predominate colour and combine it with Blue Green on one side and Blue Violet on the other. If Oranges are your thing then you could choose Orange as your predominate colour and combine it with Red Orange and Yellow Orange and so on.

The beauty of Analogous colours is that you can choose colours that are similar or have the same base colour such as Green or you can choose a predominate colour that has two completely different colours either side such as this red example.

I've made a card using the Red, Red Violet and Red Orange combination.

I also tried out the Green, Yellow Green, Yellow combination on this card too.

Analogous colours are such a pretty way to combine three colours and will work beautifully on your layouts, in your journalling or as you've seen here, on your cards. Again I hope I've given you a little more knowledge about knowing and using a colour wheel. Next time I'll introduce you to "Monotone" colour schemes.

Until next time  xx   Fiona

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