Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inspiration from Felicity for our July Challenge

Hello fellow OTR fans!
Felicity here today to hopefully inspire you.
I loved this months mood board.
 teal and shoes say no more!!! Tee hee

When I saw the mood board I saw a little sketch for the start of my inspiration.
Let me see if I can explain.
The back of the shoe was my photo placement and the heel was my cluster position, going down the page just as the heel.
Then the pop of red underneath meant I add a pop of red in my creation.
Sometimes when I look at pictures in magazines, pinterest and mood boards, I don't necessarily see the picture, I sometimes see sketch, as in this instance or a an embellishments.
I guess I look at mood boards with an open mind and outside the box.

I sit there with the picture and my notebook and pen and scribble down anything that comes to mind and then away I go creating.
I hope this gives you a little insight into my creativity brain!!
Tee hee
Till next time....
 Felicity XO

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