Saturday, July 26, 2014

Use up your Stash Vol.2 by Sanna

Hi there!! I really liked making these cards and using some older product on them. I therefore made another project using older products from my stash and combining them together with newer ones. 

This is what I used:

Remember the paper ribbons from back then? I am going to call these paper "ribbon" rolls that way, as I have totally forgotten how they where called. They came in sets of 6, I think. I have two sets at home and they have just been lying around since probably 2007. Time to do something about it and use them! I additionally printed two Insta photos, chose a piece of polka dot paper and a white paper bag for my starting point.

I first cut the upper part of the paper bag a little bit lopsided/not straight and glued it down onto the patterned paper. Next I took several various long strips of paper ribbon and alighned them over the paper bag. I then added some black ink splatters (Glimmer Glaze oil slick - my fave product) over the area and my background was done.

Then I took some Studio Calico stars (new collection) and added them across the page for additional decoration. I also outlined tthem and the patterned paper using a black pen.

Now all I needed/wanted to do was to add some embellishments here and there. I used golden sequins and black plastic chevron/arrows for decoration.

Then I went along and added the title. I used various (old and new) alphas for this purpose. I also tucked a huge tag into the envelope and wrote quite a lot journaling. It is all about summer, sunshine and my relationship to this season. Let me just note that I am definitely more a summer person than a winter one... that should give you an idea what the journaling is all about :). I like creating pages like this, where there is instead a selfie a random photo and the journaling is all about me and my feelings toward a certain matter. I keep a "me"-album, where I gather these kind of laoyuts. In the end it will be a kind of a photo diary, when it is all done - if it will ever be all finished ;-) ...

Here is what my finished layout looks like:

I kept the layout quite clean and simple and concentrated on the journaling. And I was able to use quite a few older products here again too! I hope you will get inspired to use your older product too :). Have fun!!!
xoxo, Sanna