Monday, May 12, 2014

Lizzy is creating a Mini Album

Hi there! Each year, I create a little Mini Album for my grandson. These are not 'precious' books, but meant to be read & enjoyed. And he LOVES them! They are super easy to make & I reckon if you've got kids or grand kids you might just find this an easy way to use up some of those spare photos sitting around:)

Firstly, I gather papers that go together...scraps, really...this is a way of using up older stash for me! Then I cut 4 sheets to about an A4 [8x11"] size, and the 5th slightly larger, for the cover. Next, I crease the papers down the middle, then machine stitch. Simple!

For added strength, I've added some packaging tape onto the stitching line & also the spine. Now I decorate it. The photos are all varied, so to 'tie' it together, I've used the red heart washi tape throughout the mini.

The other thing I have done is found an old sheet of word stickers, & used them throughout, for the same reason. 

Oops! This is supposed to be a 2013 album...but honestly, Lucas doesn't care - so I'm not worried either! I'm not precious about this sort of thing - long as it's noted, that's fine:)

To 'switch it up', I thought I'd create a little folder on one page....folded up one edge, then simply stitched it to the page on a folded edge....for little fingers, this is GREAT to teach those fine motor skills!

This is Lucas's FAVE page. He pulls it out all the time! I adore my little corner punch that makes  those rounded edges...I highly recommend getting one if you haven't already:)

I try to get photos of most of the family, because I think that's really important for children......note the 'E' letters on the left side are actually 'Ms'...lateral thinking helps!

It's good to journal as much as you can. Kids just LOOOVE stories.....& these memories get lost, forgotten so easily if  they're not written down.

It's rather fun documenting the good, the bad & the ugly...well, sort of. It's amazing how fascinating kids think their 'crying' photos are.....mean me, taking this pic! But I balanced it out with a happy one!!

There are, of course, more pages - but I hope this is enough so that you can see what a great way this is of using up stash - those half used sticker sheets & odd alphas......& that this inspires you to make a few of these simple books for the Little People in your life, so they can look back & enjoy some of their 'growing up' stories:)

Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oh what a delightful little album! I love all the photos and I loved looking through it no wonder Lucas does too! Those food face photos are just so cute!!

  2. Love the idea and the album Lizzy, probably as much as Lucas loves it!!!

  3. An adorable little album that will be cherished.Love it.

  4. Such a cute little album Lizzy - cute little guy in the photos too :)

  5. Adorable keepsake for the Grand Boy. I've done this too Lizzy and you are absolutely right, they love 'reading' about themselves. I like the idea of the co-ordinates throughout to tie it all together :D

  6. Loving your beautiful & precious mini Lizzy!!! Awesome... hugs x

  7. Wow Lizzy - this is a fantastic idea! I bet he loves it! And I love that it's for him to really use and enjoy.

  8. What a fabulous album Lizzy. Love it.