Friday, April 11, 2014

Purple and Ribbon

If you like the colour purple and ribbon then this card challenge is for you. All you need to do is design a card that includes the colour purple and ribbon. It does not matter how you use the ribbon as long as you have included it in your design.

I would like you all to help me welcome Bugaboo Digi Stamps. We are thrilled that they have agreed to be part of the blog.

My name is Jodie.
I am married and have 5 beautiful children, Skye, Isabella, Desiree, Sean, and Michael.

Add a dog a cat and a hubby to that .....a housefull!

I have been designing graphics for 9 years, mostly for those who digitize,
and now venturing into this new idea of digi stamps.
I love to draw and love to see were my designs go and how they are used.
I find making people smile with my graphics very rewarding!
For many many years I drew mostly cutesy kids graphics, a lot of which you’ll find here.
But my latest passion is my cranky old boots....
Stella ,Gus, Margaret and the Gals who came after them.
I just LOVE to create them and they seem to be a favorite!
What else can I say?
The name Bugaboo did I come up with it?
Well...... Bugaboo as that is a nickname i have for my kids sometimes.
I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  I enjoy reading V.C Andrews, love anything to do with crafts (I just wish I had the time to do them!)
  I love to draw (obviously) write poems, LOVE Bon Jovi,
and am in the middle of writing a kids book I would love to see published one day
Anyhow, that’s a bit about me....Enjoy your stay! And thanks for visiting!
I always love to hear from you!

The prize that you can win is 

Happy Creating


  1. beautiful cards ladies well done

  2. love all the cards!!! Love the name of the stamps!!

  3. Hi I love making cards and I am looking forward to putting a card in I don't know how you find time with a full house and store and stamps well done you are amazing

  4. Could someone kindly let me know when these challenges finish please...