Saturday, March 8, 2014


Please let me introduce a special guest Melinda Thompson from  
Mins Everyday Moments 

 We asked Melinda a few questions about herself  and here is what she had to say....

Q. Where abouts do you live ?
A.  I live in a growing country town in Central Queensland Australia called Emerald. We have been here now for 3 years and it now feels like home.

Q. What's something quirky about you ?
A. Well there is probably lots of funny things about me… but here is one. I am a neat and clean freak (which can be hard sometimes with a house full of boys!!!)…bed always has to be made every morning and same with the kids beds. I can’t leave to do the school run until the beds are made, and kitchen is spotless!

Q. What is your most loved scrapbooking company
A. Oh my where to start…I have so many favorites…well if it’s a paper range I always look for Crate Paper or Glitz and if its mixed media I love Shimmerz and just recently Lindy’s Stamp Gang.

Q. Did you do any craft before paper craft and what was it
 A. I never really did any sort of other craft before scrapbooking. My mum has always been crafty doing sewing and needle work etc, so I have always had an interest in craft. Plus she always told me how important it is to have a hobby, just something for yourself, so I found scrapbooking once I stopped working and had my boys. And I love it..don’t think I will ever stop
Q. 1st Layout you ever did to your recent Layout
 A. Okay here goes…its funny to look back on the first layouts you did. Sometimes I would love to re-do them but then I love to see the progress and look at how far I have come and how far the industry has come in what is available today. Here is one of my first layouts.



Thank you so much Melinda for joining us for our new  
Designer Hot Spot 
If you would like to see more of Melinda's work please visit her at  


  1. Congrats Min on the Designer Spotlight! Gorgeous layouts! You know I love your style.:)