Monday, July 16, 2018

Tutorial with Trish.

One of the best bits of advice l have had is "just try it"
So l pass this on to you. 
I have stapled my patterned paper together to make it easier for placement.  Then l decided to add the mesh tape..this stuff is fab...available from a hardware store. It's actually for plastering walls...another tip.
Just keep layering until you..not any one else..just you are happy!
It is your work after all.

 I have also trimmed this photo and rounded 2 opposite corners and added a strip of washi.
Then start playing ...l mean it.. add embellishments..take some away. 
Try something your edges...add some bling..
If you are unsure just let it sit and come back to it. If you like it...stick it down...

These tiny alphas are awesome..but l  need a steady hand and a good pair of tweezers.

I have found some enamel dots, a few extra bits of card and a chippy ampersand.
A bit of journalism and we are there.

And l'm happy.
Enjoy your scrapping!!

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