Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Daisy Day" wire tutorial by Trish A

This moodboard made me think of daisies..they seem to honour nature..with their brilliant colours and the crispness of their delicate petals.

So although l havent exactly incorporated nature..this is my inpired by the gorgeous moodboard and nature herself.

I started ransacking my stash and sticking it down. I love this style of scrapping as it can use some of those odd things in the piles.

From here l spray painted it all in a light covering of white spray paint...yeah true!

Then the fun starts..
Wire daisy flower.

Ok..some awesome copper wire, l used 18 gauge artistic wire..its lovely to work with, keeps its shape..but is soft enough to bend.

I wrapped a length around this container of handcream and then pulled the circle to elongate it and then bent it to create the petal look.
Then with all my fingers in the right places l used the silver wire to hold it all together.

Then its just a matter of adding it to the background.

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