Saturday, March 17, 2018

Exploring alcohol inks with Joan

Hi Crafters

Today I'd like to share some information on using Alcohol Inks.

My alcohol inks sat unused on a shelf because I thought you could only use them on non-porous surfaces.  But what if ... you used them on a porous surface?  What if  you used them on watercolor paper?  Guess what ... it works!  Mixing alcohol inks with water creates a vibrant marbled effect and the possibilities are only limited by what you are willing to try.

What you will need:
plastic container
warm water
alcohol inks
watercolor paper
paper towels
latex gloves

1) fill your plastic container half full with warm water

 2) place a few drops of alcohol ink of various colors in the water

 3) dip the watercolor paper in the water
* I wear latex gloves to prevent the ink from staining my fingers

 4) shake off excess water and place on a paper towel to try naturally

* Use bright hues of inks for more vivid colors on your paper
Don't be afraid to be liberal with the alcohol ink  
Experiment with different colors

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  1. I have some alcohol inks mouldering away on the shelf!! What a great idea!! thanks Joan