Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Textured scrapbook layout tutorial with Jae Hee

Hello Off The Rails fans!

February The theme of our mood board is texture and color !!
Let me introduce Jae Hee's tutorial.

I got a feeling of shining when I saw the mood board.
I expressed that feeling in the feeling of the universe.

 Prepare the feeling of the moon by paper cutting

Apply a piece of artstone on paper to feel the texture.

Apply black gesso twice on top of it.

Apply on top of gesso using metallic wax.
Metallic wax is soft and I like to apply it by hand.

Attach a photo over the shape of the moon that you cut.

Titles are attached using an alphabet sticker.

The texture of Art Stone and the feeling of paper cutting is the texture expression I have chosen.
The white part of the background was also embossed.
I also used the color of metal on various textures.

I finished the work with a feeling of glittering sky.
I hope it will be a glittering day.
see you next time.

Jae Hee

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