Saturday, November 25, 2017

Embossing technique with Rosemary

Hi Crafters

It's Rosemary and today I am sharing share how I highlighted the shoe stamp on my Inspiration page.

I thought the shoe stamp was very "chic!"

Gather your supplies-

-Carabelle Studios Stamps - Girly 

                                  Altenew Crisp Embossing powder Pure White Opaque

                                  Anti static pillow
                                Versamark ink (or Embossing Ink)      
                                acrylic block
                                 heat tool

Wipe the part of the page where you want your stamp to be with your antistatic pillow- this stops the embossing powder sticking where you don't want it!

Place your stamp on the acrylic block, making sure it is not upside down or sideways!
apply Versamark ink
and stamp your page.

Then generously sprinkle the embossing paste over your stamped image

It is handy to have 2 biggish sheets of paper folded in half. 
lay them on top of each other, 

Tip excess embossing powder off your page onto the top folded paper.

Then you can gently fold that and pour the embossing paste back into the jar it came in!
This is a good way to prevent wastage of your embossing powder, though I invariably lose some of it!!
 If you get the some of the  powder where you don't want it you can very delicately flick it away with a fine paintbrush - but be careful you don't swipe the image itself and muck it all up !😞

Now all that is left is to use your heat tool to set the embossing powder

I'm loving the Altenew Crisp Embossing Powder as all you need to do is hold the heat tool over the powder for a few moments, move it across the image and you see it setting as you go!

 You don't need a lot of heat on the one spot for long and you don't need to wave the heating tool above it - just hold over the image and move across it!

Of course the usual techniques to stamping apply, such as getting an even spread of the Versa mark ink over the stamp, not leaving it too long before covering with the embossing powder, and not burning the paper underneath by holding the heat gun too long in the one spot.

If you haven't tried this technique before maybe practice a few times before you go straight to your scrapbook page!!

If you look at my page you can see I  used 49 and Market Gabi's Line stitch stamp as a border.
This time I used the Altenew crisp Embossing Powder Translucent Pearl and
 it gave me a lovely way  to frame  my page.

Thanks for visiting.