Monday, October 2, 2017

Off the Rails fun with Washi Tape

Hi Bev here today.... at the Off the Rails Blog. I am sharing some sample washi tape projects. (this first one is inspired by my friend Joan- thanks). It's decorating wall switch plates with washi tape.
I am using Paper House Washi Tape with a Christmas theme. 

Start on one side at the edge and work your way side ways folding over the sides. In the corners cut into the V and that makes folding around easier.

I am using the same pattern on the whole plate.

Then I added the word strip Merry Christmas as a top and bottom border accent.
In the middle over the switch I changed it up to santa and reindeer and more word borders.
This will be cute in your house entry hall to welcome your guests over the holidays.

Next up is my front hall entry closet and it had some great groves to run the washi tape around.

Then I ran the strips across changing up the designs. It looks really fun, bright and say "Merry Christmas" when entering the home.

This one I just played for fun. It would look awesome on the kids room light switch and could be changed up often to make it a fun decor piece for kids.

Would love for you to tell me in the comments ... some of your personal ideas for washi tape. Thanks for visiting and see you again soon.


  1. what a unique and lovely idea Bev!! it looks just great!!

  2. Oh wow Bev, I would never of thought to do that. Thanks for the inspiration

    Deb xx