Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Morning everyone and welcome to my
October Tutorial 

Today I have a tutorial for you on how to make  foamiran flowers, similar to the ones on my layout for the 
October OFF THE RAILS Mood Board.

Gather your supplies, you will need-
a sheet of white foamiran, flower dies, inks to colour, stamens, piece of thin wire, barbeque stick, iron or heat gun, pokey tool, hot glue gun, foam pad, ball tool.

Step 2
Cut out an assorted selection of flowers with your die
Step 3
Ink your flowers including one for the leaves
Step 4
Using an iron or heat gun tool, take the wooden stick and heat up the flower on medium heat, no steam, for a few seconds
Step 5

When warm, roll flowers between your fingers
Step 6
Roll and pinch as you go
Step 7
When cool, unwrap and roll out the flowers on the foam with your ball tool and stretch gently with your fingers
Step 8
Step 9
Now take a few stamens, fold in half, attach wire
Step 10
Start to thread the flower head onto the wire, this is where you need your pokey tool if your flowers do not have the holes in them 
Step 11
Add small dabs of glue between the layers
Step 12
Cut off the excess string from the stamens, and there you have one pretty flower.

More foamiran flowers I made

Many thanks for visiting today, I hope you followed along.
Bye for now