Monday, September 25, 2017

Making your own flourish with Rosemary

Hi Crafters

Rosemary with you today.

A great way to create another layer for your page or card is to create something yourself.
I made this flourish for my Steampunk page.

Step 1 - gather your supplies

non stick mat
silicone mould of choice
Anna Griffin Embossing Paste- White Finish
In this case I used Finnabair Art ingredients Mica Powder - Rust
My trusty spatula !

Step 2

I scooped up a generous dollop of Embossing paste and added some of the Mica Powder-
A little goes a long way.

I wasn't totally sure how the colour would turn out but it I knew it would be in the brown tones which I needed for my page.

Step 3
Mix it well

It looked weird at first but it dried to a beautiful chocolatey colour which suited me perfectly

Step 4
 Swipe the paste across the silicone mould as one does for texture paste and stencils.
Be careful not to have too much over the edges off the pattern. 
 I left it overnight to dry properly.

Step 5
Gently remove from the mould

When you take it out out it is quite flexible.

Step 6
I found I needed to tidy up some of the edges with a scalpel.

                                                                and there you have it

There is quite a range of silicone moulds available , feathers, leaves, lace etc.

Here is a link  from the store I bought my supplies from which shows in much greater detail all the great things you can do with this technique.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I'm looking forward to viewing this months challenge entries!

Happy Crafting