Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Crayon Canvas with Brenda

Hello crafty friends and welcome to the Off The Rails Blog today and my Crayon Canvas Tutorial.

I'm looking forward to sharing this with you as it was so much fun creating.

Between me having this canvas done and my post I have been without internet for some time and this week a very sick son. Tonight I have finally got behind the laptop to make the post and I'm so glad I have because I'm sure you are going to love it and be keen to try it out.

So now for my canvas -

I have created the canvas for my eldest son Riley for in his room in our new home. Another of the things I have been busy with, selling our farm and buying our new home. He is so happy with the final result. Now for How I created it. 

When starting your creation you need a Canvas, Crayons, Hot Glue Gun and a Heat Gun (or hairdryer) and these things are for creating the background. I chose to use a 20" X 24" canvas but you can chose any size you want and just adjust your crayons to suit.

You need to make sure that you cover your work area extremely well as this can be a very messy process. With my work area I used cardboard from a TV box that I had saved. You can also use newspaper. When Heated the crayons can splatter. 

After you have sorted out the order you would like to place your crayon colours you will need to use your hot glue gun and place them across the top.
Once this is done it's time for the real messy fun to begin. Standing you canvas up on your covered work area it is time to get out the heat fun or hairdryer. I chose my heat gun but you must keep in mind which every you choose the crayons will melt fast, a lot faster than you think. Depending on the distance you hold your heat gun and how much air comes out it will determine how fast the crayons will melt and flow down your canvas. 

Once this is done it is time to decorate your canvas with what you would like. I'm big on dream catchers being in our bedrooms and decided that I would place one on Riley's canvas and being a boy and the fact he liked the bright colours I decided I would keep it simple, the colours already were speaking enough.  So the dream catcher and a word were going to be all I used on it.

To place the dream catcher on the canvas I also used my hot glue gun. Once this was done I placed the canvas aside and it was time to create my word - DREAM.
For the word I used Colorbok Monogram Punch-out Pack. The first thing I did was choose the colour I wanted to paint it. I picked Dylusions Pain - After Midnight. 

Once I had painted each of the chipboard letters and they were dry I then used my finger to place some Viva Inka Gold Colours here and there. The three colours I chose were - Lava red, Aquamarine and Champagne. 

After this I then hot glue gunned each letter in place on the canvas. Now it was time to coat each of the letters with Glossy Accents and the finish looked great. Once the Glossy Accents were dry the canvas was finished and the canvas was ready to hang.

I have another canvas that I have done and on this one there is no dream catcher. I have used the darker crayons and then placed a photo of my youngest son Harley and a few other bits and pieces. I thought I would add a photo of this canvas at the end just so you could see a different way they could be done. Harley's is a smaller canvas though. 

I hope you have enjoyed popping in and having a look at my canvas. Don't forget to keep scrolling though and have a look at what the rest of the DT girls have been up too. You will also find this months challenge along the way and we would love for you to join in with us.

Happy Crafting 
Brenda xxx

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  1. Great work Brenda, so love them , especially Riley's Dream Catcher. :)