Monday, October 17, 2016

Embossing folder used as a stamp technique with Narelle

Hi everyone, Narelle here on the blog today with a quick tutorial for you.

Have you ever thought of using your embossing folder to make a faux letterpress look,
or use them as stamps?
Well, today I am going to show you a few cool things you can do with your folders.

First up, you can easily achieve a faux letterpress look by inking up your embossing folder.
It is really easy to do.
As you know, every folder has a side that will emboss and the other side will deboss.
Emboss is the raised effect, deboss is the opposite - so that is the flattened bit.
Inking up the side that will deboss will give you the faux letterpress effect.
You obviously can't do the letterpress lettering unless the words on your embossing
folder are back to front.
But you can make a cool letterpress look with patterns.

Here I have inked up both sides of the embossing folder so I can show you the different looks.

Now you can ink up the folder a few different ways.
Today I just used the ink pad straight to the folder,
but you can use a brayer as well or a sponge.

Here are the different looks from the two different sides of the folder.
The first one is the faux letterpress look.
The ink has gone in between the raised sections of the folder,
so in the deboss part of the pattern.

This is what the other side looks like.
The ink on this side is on the embossed or raised part of the pattern.

Another completely different look can be achieved if you use
the embossing folder as a stamp.
You ink the folder up the same way, but this time you don't run it
through your die cut machine.
Instead you just use pressure with your hand or something like a brayer. 
Oops! Maybe I should've painted my nails again before I did this tutorial.....

This is the effect you get on the embossed side.

And this is the debossed side.

So you can get some really cool effects,
just by using your embossing folders a little differently.
This is the card which inspired this tutorial
It is a card we did at my team leaders meeting last week.

I hope you think about using your embossing folders more,
and using these cool techniques.
Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.