Sunday, September 25, 2016

Metalic effect with Tracey

This technique is great for using up all those bits and pieces you knew where going to be perfect on a project someday!!!!

Collect all your favourite flotsam and jetsam.

metal charms
hardware...nuts, bolts, nails screws etc
picture hooks
cup hangers
old watches pulled apart

anything that you like really.

I start by thinking of the texture I would like on the background.
Texture paste through a template.
In this case I used torn up music paper as well.

Work out your general design, position your photo. I cover my photo with mod podge too so I can easily wipe off with a wet one any paint spill or over spray that may get on it.

then start gluing on your treasures, make sure you layer pieces to give you height and clusters to give you a point of interest.

This is what I call the ugly duckling stage.
Remember your trinkets can be any colour at all because we are going to cover everything in gesso to give us a blank starting point for the colour.
You will notice I have a couple of items to the side not glued on, these I do not wish to paint. I will put them on last.

So after I was happy with how everything looked I paint black gesso on the photo and trinket side of the layout and then white gesso on the paper and butterfly side. Because I wanted to wipe back the white gesso from the music paper so it would still be visible in the finished layout. I am sorry but I forgot to photograph this stage for you to see. It is scary because it looks like you have just wiped out all your details.

The magic happens when you start dry brushing on your Prima alchemy paints.

I started with the warm colours first red , orange yellow.
Then when they were dry I came in with the greens and blues.

I love this style of scrapping I hope you have fun trying it.

thanks for looking


  1. This is beautiful Tracy, I love this technique, I have used different mediums for the colouring, but haven't yet tried the Alchemy paints. I really want to!