Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY background easy watercolor by Tamy

   DIY background easy watercolor by Scrapbook by Tamy.

Hi Off the Rails Scrapbooking readers! Here is Tamy, all the way from Brazil :) 
 I am here today to share something cool, pretty and easy with you.

You will need:

-Plastic with a smooth surface
-Plastic or paper straw
-And a lot of breath to blow out lol

Get the ink and put a small amount on the plastic, splash some drops of water and mix until the paint is diluted and is looking nice and smooth.

Then splash this mixture on your page, in the places where you want the effect .With the straw, blow over the paint till it slide on the paper giving a stained effect , you can also make moves in zig -zag with the straw to create new shapes with the paint and the result will be more interesting.

Please feel free to watch the video. It will be easier to understand.


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